Snippers celebrates 40 years of salon success

On the 9th of September the Snippers salon celebrated its 40th year as a salon .

Salon owner Shaun and his team celebrated with friends (his son and first boss Lester Gilbert) and clients plus a special guest from the USA Mr Kelly Cardenas .

The event had over 150 guests with Singing , food , drinking and lots of cake and was a truly moving event, ( Shaun even cried on 3 occasions )

Shaun started his salon in Cromer back in late 1979 with the help of his mother and late father, and then spent 5 years attending training courses with Videl Sassoon, Toni & Guy to learn his skill.

Shaun then was introduced to the Paul Mitchell empire and has never looked back, to this day some 40 years later he still is  attending training in the USA with Paul Mitchell systems , and Top hairdressers Kelly Cardenas , Robert Cromeans

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